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"Become the lifestyle”

- Wolf -



100% Natural...100% Hand Crafted


Wolf's Mane began when the founder realized that after a hard days work, his beard would sometime feel dry and brittle.  Having a strong desire to maintain a healthy and sleek looking beard, he began to create what is now known as The Butter Pomade.  Combined with Wolf's Mane Beard Oil and Beard Wash, this combination has been proven to provide a lustrous look and soft feel.

We at Wolf's Mane Beard Care hand pick all of our natural ingredients to ensure a quality experience each and every time.  Customer service and satisfaction are two of the core pieces of our company.  An AMAZING BEARD being top priority.  Wolf's Mane helps provide the confidence in knowing your beard is at it's best at all time. It's not just a beard.......it's a bearded lifestyle.


Based in Central Illinois, Wolf's Mane Beard Care is employee owned and operated.  We have a team of amazing men and woman who are determined to find the inner wolf of ever man across the globe.  


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