Getting Ready for the Cold: The Beard Edition

Getting Ready for the Cold: The Beard Edition

  • 14 November, 2019

            The winter season is quickly coming our way, and we’re all getting ready to settle in for the colder months. One of the details that often gets pushed to the side in favour of other preparation is your beard; specifically, how to care for your beard in the harsh months that are coming your way.  Are you ready for the cold and the changes it may bring to your beard?  Here’s what you’ll want to know.


How to prepare for winter:

            When you want to make sure that your beard is prepared for the winter and harsher months that are on the way, here are some details to keep in mind for quality care and attention.

  • Use the right beard cleanser: In your daily cleaning, it’s going to be especially important that you focus on using the right cleanser. It should be one that is intended for sensitive skin and is free from silicones. Make sure that you cleanse, brush and air-dry it daily.


  • Focus on the ingredients of your beard oil and other products: Beard oil is an investment to the health of your skin and the beard covering it. You’ll want to use a small amount of beard oil every day to keep your hair and skin moisturized and strong.  Our products focus on harnessing the moisturizing power of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil amongst others.  Make sure your products are all about natural moisturizing.


  • Cover your beard from the snow: When you do go out into the cold, try to protect your beard from the snow and ice that can collect in it easily. This can be done with a scarf, or a high collar on your coat.


  • Regularly dry off and groom your beard: When you are out in the elements, you’ll want to make sure that you dry, groom and moisturize your beard as soon as you can after coming back inside. This will help your skin and beard recover from any damage that it takes on when out in the cold.


Beard + winter = good idea

            With those steps above, it’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering whether or not you should, in fact, have a beard throughout the winter months.  Sure, it seems like a lot of things to focus on, but most of it is just centered around traditional beard care with a few extra details thrown in.

            Seriously speaking, having a beard in the winter is going to be great.  It protects your skin, it helps keep you warm, and gives you a great accent piece to your daily style, just like it does in the warmer months.  So, yes, having a beard in the winter months is definitely a great idea and should not be avoided due to the perceived extra care. 

            As the colder months creep closer, beard care and protection is going to be helpful for making sure that you keep your beard healthy, strong and enjoyable all year long.  By taking these steps above seriously, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, happy beard and moisturized, healthy skin to boot.  Plus, a little extra warmth never hurt, right?

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